Saturday, January 5


Najhan and I enjoyed a very nice evening lepaking. We had a great dinner at Asam Pedas followed by a wonderful food and had the most incredible Teh O Ais Limau. We talked so much about everything, since tomorrow I'm going back to my lame hostel to continue my 2nd semester. But overall, that evening was fantastic.

Spent few minutes with Daus in front of his house to return his CD I borrowed last night. We talked so much about unimportant stuff but I really enjoyed talking with him. He's a great guy lah. Thank you Daus for the CD, even though the software didn't work. :(

Ok..first of all, it has been a busy day for me. Seriously. All I did was just packing. I didn't realize how much clothes and pants I have. Second, I can't believe that I'm going back to start my 2nd semester. OMG! No more breeze from the air-conditioner after this. No more TV! No more Less Than Perfect, no more Life with Bonnie, no more Desperate Housewives, no more Ugly Betty, no more Brothers & Sisters and the ugliest part is, NO MORE GREY"S ANATOMY. Sweet god I'm gonna miss my soap. Every series of it. Ouh, not forgetting my fishies. Yes, I'm going to miss you too. SMS me if mommy didn't feed you guys arr..

So, goodnight everyone. Take care and be good


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