Wednesday, January 16


Greetings from Limkokwing. It's been a while since my last post huh? Quite busy with studies la. Uuuuu, week 1 was great. Everyday we do an ice-breaking with the new lecturers who's going to teach us. They give a briefing about the schedule and module outline for my 2nd semester. I love my lecturers la.. They are so coooooooool and that's great!

Mr Faizul you're the man
Mr Ramendran I was surprised you know a bit about jawi. Kudos to you
Mr Shahril photography is my thing..
Ms Hafiza I like your hair and your smile
Mr Letfee a father to me. Thank you for your wonderful advise and support
Ms Aziza I love spongebob too
Ustaz Norizan lawak....sangat lawak....

Basically, the reason why I chose The Warning for my headline because, we had been warned by the lecturers about blogging. Yes, BLOG! No, they didn't warned us to stop blogging, but not to post such things to embarrass and insult them. Sweet god, I would never do that to my lecturers. I love them! But some of the seniors don't.

*Ada sorg senior dah kena tangkap sebab post crita yang bukan2 pasal lecturers. Siap menghina lagi. Hmm, apa mau jadi? Tak bersyukur ke apa yang diorg dah turunkan ilmu pada kau? Fikirlah...


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