Sunday, February 3


Went to Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju just now. Begging mummy to give some money to shop. Ngahaha. Hey, it's a sale, and i am desperately need lots of new clothes and pants, and even few briefs, hehehe. I've bought a very cute brown stripes hoodie at Romp. I ♥ IT! It costs about RM45. It matches me though. Hahhahah

Other than that, i bought 2 boxers at PA and a cleo magazine. The boxers are sweet and simple. Each cost me RM 42 and RM5.60. Then, makan Tako Tao, introduced by Kymm, it's like a fish-ball contained various type of stuffing such as chiken & cheese, unagi, squid and much more. I ♥ it! Nyumm..Then went to egghouse eat nasi goreng with some telur goreng. The food was good. Then we decided to balik rumah since all of the money has been waisted buying food, food and more food. Aiya..


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