Saturday, April 26


Last Friday night, my friends and I went to a "Charity Concert" organized by PEACEVOLUTION kott.It's a charity event for TV3 Bersamamu. Obviously an event to help those needed people. The ticket cost me about RM17. Lots of indie band turun padang and perform. Meet Uncle Hussein, Bittersweet, Otherside Orchestra, Rock Legend Amy Search also was there, LoveMeButch *I ♥ youlah*, and Limkokwing star, Melodica.

Well, it's a charity concert . I thought that there will be no dancing-like-a-squid that night. BOYYY WAS I WRONG. Ada juga yang menari macam orang gila. Uhh, malu lah tengok anda semua ni terkinja-kinja macam makan pil tikus. Malu. Uhh, hello. Earth to you squiddos. It's a charity concert. C-H-A-R-I-T-Y. Not a gig. Can u see the difference? Lagi malu bila ada guest yang bawa satu family datang tengok. Family means they brought children. Yes, little children. Was is ethicals for the children to watch you guys dancing? NO!!

BUT, what I like the most about the concert is because, LoveMeButch was there. Yeayy. And for closing they sang Hollywood Holiday. Sukanyaaaaaa..
Nasib baik aku hafal lagu tu. Syarul Reza, it's a good thing u wore black tee's. You sweat a lot. :) *no heart feelings* But I adore you that night though. Anda kacak gila bila berambut pendek. Ngahahhaha. Nak autographhh..

Sadly win-win didn't showed up. Where were you hun?


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