Saturday, June 28


On a one fine day in the Vincci store...

Promoter: Yes, may I help you?
Me: Yahh sure. Can I take a look at that sunnies please? *pointing at it*
Promoter: This one? Here you go..
Me: Hmm..*trying it for a while* Ok. I take this one
Promoter: Ok. Do you bring your passport? You can get 10% off for this sunnies
Me: Uhhh, no I don't
Promoter: What do you mean?
Me: Ha? I don't bring my passport lah
Promoter: So, you have to pay normal price then
Me: Takpe..
Promoter: Lahhh you orang sini ke?? I ingat you bukan local people..
Me: Ehehehe, no lah. *smiled smugly*

p/s: Muka aku ni nampak macam orang luar sangat ke? Ke, style rambut aku yang 'pelik' ni??

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