Monday, September 22

For Mr Roberto's class, which is Broadcast Media Production, I’ve teamed up with the best group member I could ever have. On the Friday 22nd of August 2008, we have been given a brief about our first assignment, which is to do a Radio Commercial for 30 seconds. We also have been given a list of products and after a lot of discussion, the leader in our group has decided to choose Guardian Pharmacy as our product.

As you know, Guardian is a pharmacy that sells safe, natural and innovative remedies that will help people lead richer, healthy and beautiful life. In convenience with Hari Raya Celebration, we've decided to do a testimonial-type of commercial, which is to promote the company itself.

We've prepared all paper work and research and alhamdulillah, the assignment has been sent right on time couple of weeks ago. And this week, surprisingly our group commercial has been on aired, which means......

It's a very good commercial

And the whole limkokwing community have listened to our commercial. OMG OMG OMG! The commercial has been aired at the library, the plaza and even at the Makanlah!

And now, I am extremely HAPPY. Can't wait for my next result. hehehehehe

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