Tuesday, February 13

Yeay, My 1st blog

Last Monday, my sister saw me typing a 'Surat Untuk Bulan' on myspace.Then she asked, "Dik, why don't you take your blog to the next level.Use Blogspot lah..It's more easier and faster".So, I was thinking for a minute, and now, i finally registered Blogspot.

Hehe,So here's my 1st posting in Blogspot.Yeaaayy..Thanx to my sister, i finally got my own blogspot and now, i can post lots of blogs and informations that we can shared together..

Well, the name is Hafizul Hakim, 8teen years old and lived in Taman Sri Gombak, but now currently staying in puchong, my sister house taking care of her n her 1st baby a.k.a my 1st nephew.It's a boy and his name is Uzair Fayyadh.Finally, after 9 months waiting, i became an uncle.But my family prefers the baby to call me 'Ucu // Busu". It's like more to tradition custom i guess.*melepas la nak merasa dipanggil uncle, hehe*. I just finished my school session and now currently waiting for my SPM results to come out.


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