Monday, December 31

HELLO 2008

Well, 2008 is just around the corner. Lot of things I want to change due to improving myself to be a better person in year 2008

In random order
1) Have my own car. I SAVVY
2) Get good grades in exam
3) Spend more precious time with family
4) Never tinggal Puasa hehehheh
5) Be friends with Acha Septriasa :)
6) Stop telling lies
7) Think health, eat sparingly, exercise regularly
8) Walk a lot. Go travelling with Vee (i hope so)
9) More to optimist, less drama-queening, less shopping. Budget 2008 oii..
10) Be more organized. Recently bought an organizer costs RM45.00. Gila mahal

Hope can tunaikan all the wish list before 2009. Insyallah


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