Sunday, December 30


Please treat me well; I am as I'm treated

When I'm loved, I can love who I am
When I'm cared for, I can care for myself
When I'm treated as someone, I can feel like someone

Speak to me, so I may learn how to listen
Expose the world to me, so I may see its beauty
Look into my eyes, so I may feel I am seen

If you're good to me, I must be a good person

When you smile at me, I can smile inside
When you let me make choices, I know that I can choose
When you give to me, I can give a bit back

Touch me gently, so I may touch others
Rest my unrest, so that I may learn self-control
Soothe me, so I may learn to soothe

Love me, but give me room to love others

When you treat me as successful, I can learn to succeed
When you respect my dreams, I can explore reality
When you allow my mistakes, I can accept what they teach

Teach me diversity of thought, so I may be open-minded
Help me help others, so I may grow to be selfless
Demonstrate your diligence, so I may earn my way in life

Show me how to laugh, so I may laugh with others
Laugh at your shortcomings, so I may accept my own

I am someone and I am loved


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