Sunday, June 15


We meet after a long time and we talk until 12am in your room with lights off and no one at home. Then, your phone rings downstairs. I ask you to comeback after the call and you promise me. Person on the phone tells you that I died last night.

Would you comeback to your room as promised??


Yonna: Yes, i wll cmeback 2 my room as i promised..juz want to c is it true dat u still there in my room o nt..its hard to believe, after a long time n we talked till 12am, suddenly with 1 phone call dey told me that u died last nite ofcoz i will cmback to my i said,juz want to c whther u stll there o nt. hmm

Eka: Hm..Mybe i ask u y u 'sombong' .. Huhu

Shahida Anas: Yes..Coz dat's my promise..

Jaz: Sure why not? Promised from dearest pal is worthy. Even if he died n not being one of the mankind anymore..We should realize n always awaken even though he 'returns' to spirit or soul

Nabilah Syazwani: I wil cme bck 2 u with cndition. U dnt change in2 pontianak ok.. :]

Amirul Azry: Yes! Dan tanya apakah dirimu hantu phyzol..? Muahahaha!

Amirah Ramizan: Yes if i really miss n really want to knoe how u died. But! No if i see that u gonna frighten me..

Kymm: Yes coz i trust u. He. N xkan takowt r antu joy. Gelak lg ade. Hehheh

p/s: Thanx u guyssss..really preciate it! *hugs*


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