Thursday, September 25


By the end of this week, it will be exactly a year since my last journey to United Kingdom. Gosh, time moves so fast nowadays. I can't believe it has been 1 year already. Being in UK for couple of weeks feels like a long period of time for me, since I have to leave the family behind and continue my studies there.

The experience was just wonderful. I've met a lot of new friendly foreign faces all over the world. There are many things I do want to achieve in life. Continuing my studies oversea gives me opportunity to feel more confident as I mix around with people from other cultures. It is a wonderful feelings to change knowledge with other students, wether its local or international, as we share lots of common ideas and inspirations. There is so much happening here that gives me a chance to grow, in addition to learning the skills I need to excel in order for me to achieve my dreams in the future.

Being here also, I have grown to be more competitive because I enjoy challenges. In every job, I want to the my best. Call me arrogant but I know I can do it because I have the confidence and the creativity to do the extraordinary. My thinking is sharper and more focused. i supposed

Learning away from the classroom and textbooks is soooo my style. I prefer to get busy with outdoor works instead of getting busy reading books. We have been to lots of incredible places here in UK. From the Big Ben to the Madame Tussaud and even the Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives.

I used to think that communicating with the local citizens was the hardest part since the English that used in UK and Malaysia is totally different. But obviously I was wrong. The people and the environment are different. Very different. Here in UK, the local people is more polite, seriously. They say 'hye' to each other, and even smile to strangers like us. Other than that, they are very well-read and willing to help us out. And the environment is very ground-breaking. Everything was clean and fresh. And it's quite hard to see a 5ft window in a house at Malaysia though

And meeting the Prime Minister for the first time was a very fascinating moment.


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