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Introduction to Screen Writing

I have to create a 2 pages synopsis for this subject. So, enjoy reading.

When The World Stop Turning
Asking your father about dating is always difficult, especially if you are the son of a strict, religious Indonesian immigrant. In fact, bringing up any subject always seemed to be difficult for me. However, dating the opposite sex was not only a topic that was rarely mentioned in my house, but it almost appeared strictly prohibited. Thus, dating while in college was also not allowed for any of my siblings, and I was certain that my father would not change it for me either, even though I am the baby in the family.

It was last day of my senior year. The last day I would ever walk down those halls as a college student before I meet the real life working in the industry. I had few things to take care before the rehearsal of our graduation ceremony and prom night next week. I had to return my library books and pay fine from my second year when I had broken Mandy’s project and was supposed to pay to replace it back. She is the most beautiful girl I ever known and I was always clumsy around her, and at that time I had knocked over the project she made.

Despite being excited about next week’s event, I was very concerned about my date for the prom night. The thing is, I don’t have a date and I don’t have any idea how to get one. Suddenly I bumped into Mandy and like I said, I was always clumsy around her. I was trying to not look at her, and she even didn’t notice me though. But unfortunately, I accidentally knocked her head and we both were on our knees holding our forehead. I felt the same electricity I had first felt in second year when I knocked over the project.

I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine. I thought that maybe this is the time she would notice me. My heart fluttered and flushed with anticipation and embarrassment at the same time. With a week left in my senior year of college, that electricity made me ask out the most beautiful girl in my college. To remedy this awkward scenario, my only hope was this beautiful girl would not turn me down! Fortunately she accepted my offer and I couldn’t believe it. While celebrating my unimaginable joy for having a date with the prettiest girl in the entire college, a sudden eruption of reality caused it to skid to a halting stop. I had completely forgotten about my parent’s restriction. How was I to tell my father about this date? How was I to tell my father I needed his Honda City for the date?

I went to my mother’s shoulder with a cry for help. Being the more sympathetic of my two parents, she was actually proud of my accomplishment, asking a girl on date. For her, the problem seemed simple to solve, which is not telling to my father. The world appeared to turn regardless of my father’s participation in my house. Being a devoted physician, he was constantly consumed by work, study and books. He was often quite and occupied. Going out on a date by not mentioning him would be an easy task to pull off. Problem solved.

Although this idea was a little immoral, it certainly was not unconventional. All week long I prepared specially for that Friday night and that day arrived quickly. All my anticipation had build up like an orchestra warming up for a concert. But hold that thought. I have another problem to solve. What about the transportation? How are we going to the prom if there is no vehicle?

My mother is the best. She always has solutions for every problem. She asked my father if I could borrow the car for a “night out with friends”. Fortunately he agreed. With both problems apparently behind me, I now could concentrate about the date. Remember, she’s the prettiest girl in entire college. I went to the porch to review my final plans for the night.

As I opened the garage door, my heart stopped. My eyes began to fill with tears as I noticed something is missing. The City was gone. My father must have taken it somewhere. With no cars left, my heart was broken. As usual, I ran inside and search for my mum’s shoulder. Unaware that my father had taken the car out, she seemed at a loss for words. My father had apparently forgotten about my little “night out with friends”

With time chasing me to the finish line, my father finally arrived home. Of all the times, he had chosen to take the car for a stupid car wash. I ran back into the house and asked my mother for help. She calmly walked out from the house and spoke to my mother. As she walked back into the house, a smile appeared across her face. She told me there was no other choice but to tell him the truth. I screamed with agony for couple of seconds and she explains to me calmly. My mother smiled. My mother ask him as if he forgotten about my plans for tonight and he answered,

“Of course I remember. Why else do you think I’m cleaning it out?”

And with that, I thanked my father. I hugged him tightly and told him I loved him and he told me the same. I almost cried. My heart began pounding as I drove off to Mandy’s house. Praise to God, everything’s in good condition and as planned on that night. Both of us had enjoyed some quality time together as a date. To this day, I still vaguely can’t figure how my father found out about the date and how he made us all look foolish that night.

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