Tuesday, April 7

Hello Cik Karma

Current Feeling : Numb

Current Song : Keri Hilson - Change Me ft Akon

It's a grievous week I must say. I've lost 2 of my friends, almost 3. People always said 3rd time is the charm but 2 is hell enough! No, they didn't died for God sake. They purposely slash willingly slash consistently walked out on me. Friendship we've built for almost 3 years is now crumbled, slowly & instantly. Separation is very complicated, as always. Every call has been rejected, and all messages has been ignored. How the hell can we solve this stupid situation if you just don't talk to me? Bodoh

Somehow, I remember the absolute loneliness my friends had felt when I accidentally walked out from their life. So I moved away and didn't answer their phone calls and messages. When they came over, I even didn't answer the door. It's very easy. If they throw shit at me, I throw it back . Sincerely, I ain't that good with friendship. But Alhamdulillah, I didn't walk out on anyone's life lately, but apparently vice versa. What goes around comes around right? Now I've expressed my suffering and lack of understanding to the presence because I know why I had to suffer so much because of this?

After this bullshitting experience, I need to start to come out of my depression. Why must I bother? They didn't want me to be part of their hell life, so do I! Don't even think I'm going to cry and reshape the crooked emotions into a neat little line that stretched across my right arm using cookie-cutter-like razor, because I'm not that stupid! Eventually, I'm proud to say that I'm happy because I'm finally out from their lives. And one more thing. To one of the arse who've just walked out on me, please don't ever text me again begging;

"Akum adik, buatpe tu? Busy ke? Just nak tanya, hari selasa ni free x? Ingat nak ajak tengok Talentime. Kite blanje. Kite habis keje pkol 4 mcmtu. Tapi dah habis wayang adik kena la anta kite balik umah ehh? Kite susah la nak balik, xde transport"

That will seriously show how pathetic you are. And I will purposely slash willingly slash consistently reply "FUCK YOU!" News flash! Cik Karma and I are now best friends. *inhale exhale*

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