Saturday, May 9

2nd time

Some guy from Jabatan Menteri came to visit my kampung last night. Until now I still can't see the main reason why he has to stay for a night at my kampung since he's the point I have to go back to Malacca. The place was packed with my families, and people from the press for sure. Well, he was scheduled to arrive at my kampung around midnight but hey, since he's a YB, it's not his fault he was late.

My mom said he is Ahmad bin Mazlan, a YB and one of the members in the Parliament and he's going to work with Felda someday. That's why he has to 'turun padang' and get involved with the people. Even he also knew my mother and that's freakin' weird. Luckily my Pak Ngah was there and he's the one who keeps mumbling and entertaining the YB. Overall, this is the time I should say that I'm glad because once again a Minister walks in to my kampung and get to know with my families.

And speaking about my grandmother, she's on of a kind I must say. She've prepared all the things needed for this special occasion. At least she must received something lika an award from the Government because of this.

And that's why she was interviewed by the press. Tengok TV

The first time;

recognize him?

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