Monday, May 25

Difficult Lesson

Eventually he dragged me inside the library and started to freak out

"Are you in trouble?" he asked, concerned

"No" I said, remembering all I had been through. "Not anymore." I could feel his relief. And here he was, in front of me in the library and I can tell that he was worried about me.

"Do you have a good heart?" he asked

"Now I do" I paused and stared at the lights

"Good," he said with finality. For some reason, it really mattered that he approved of me. "You were my little brother. You're still my little giant brother. If anything bothers you, you'll see my around.


Some people come into our lives and instantly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our small heart, and we are never, ever going to be the same. Don't waste one single moment even how very precious that person are. With so many people among us, there are no certainties. Within seconds you might facing a tragedy ahead and you also might facing death. And now I have lost my ability to think logically.

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