Monday, January 18


I still remember someone told me as the years roll by, life is to learn, introspect, fetch and extricate. As I grow, please understand that I am growing up and changing very fast. Help me explore my unique interest, talents, and potentials in order for me to be happy which I should deserve long time ago. I need to be me and not you or anybody else you want me to be. In any crisis, I only think that there are only two choices which are available and I have to choose one. To forgive and forget.

Recently, two people walked out on me, again, and I simply forgive them. Forgiving isn't making the other person feel better, but it's making myself better. I take this as a learning process because I realize, I have less experience and there are so many things I have to explore. I know, people make mistakes. But one thing in my life that I won't be able to change, I may forgive my enemies but I never forget their names for sure.

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