Wednesday, May 30

Still Alive lah!

Yess....i know.It's the longest time without any update....It has been exactly 2 month and 13 days without any posting. Some people thought I already quit blogging
No larr....I'm still here. Life has been really really really busy work after another, more time to relax! Especially when a baby's in the house..Full of screaming, covered with vomit, time to relax at all!

But sometimes, I do dropped a while to read my friends blog and get their updates :D
There is a lot of stories to share .... my outdated posting from my staying in puchong, and other funny and sad stories.... fuhhh, it's quite a lot of story to post.... but it's all still fresh in my head, no time to type lerrr

So, take care n happy always :))


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