Thursday, October 11

Home, at last....

Fuhh, after 2 weeks journey to London, I finally flying back to KL. Home at last..I miss Malaysia though.Hahaha..
It's been a long flight and my ass was like, kebas-kebas every 30 minutes.
That makes me tired.LMAO. Of course I skip my puasa since the food in flight was awesome. They served chicken with some special beans, not jelly beans for sure. Sedap! I hate Fish

We were welcomed by the Limkokwing staffs and some reporters & camera man. Awww, i like.

There were some interview from the press, NST and Metro i guess. They asked about our experience in London. Well, my mouth never takes a holiday, they want an interview, I give them an interview.

I'm happy for sure


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