Monday, October 1

What a day...

Today was like, the busiest day for all the Limkokwing staff and students because the PM is coming to launch our London branch. Everyone was tied-up to each other and have to make sure all the settings is in the correct placement.

Me, I was busy looking at the staff and other people doing their work. What a life, hahahaha. Kelakar tengok diorg ke sana ke sini dengan walkie-talkie. Come on la people, get off your high horse lah. PM datang nak launch skejap je, setting macam dia nak stay lama. OMG! Masa buka puasa boleh jumpa lagi, so settle down, no need to lari sana lari sini.

Well, the campus was packed with people from all over the continents because the PM's coming. Everyone was in black for sure. Even the black's wearing black. *kidding. Well, that is the LKW's colour theme. Can't do a lot about it. There were a lot of interviews and photography session, and lucky for me and the others, we got the chance to do a shoutout for hari raya (in other word Salam Perantauan) with TV3 and RTM. yeeeehaa..


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