Monday, November 5

Bollywood to Hollywood

Particularly, I'm not doing anything because I'm on a break. Instead of working to earned my own money, I chose to live at home, sit back & relax, 24/7 online and watch thousand of movies per day. Ahhhh, what a life..

Yesterday I watched The Devil Wears Prada starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. What a movie I tell you. It suits me. I love fashion though. Then the next movie called The Mistress of Spices starring Aishwarya Rai and a Hollywood fella *forgot his name lah!

The story was about a Spice Mistress, Tilo (Aishwarya Rai) who opened a Spice Bazaar to help people solve their so-called "life problems" by giving them the "correct-spice". She even talked with the spices. Not talk talk la, like cakap dalam hati. One day a dude came to her store, want to pancing-pancing Tilo la..Starting from that day, Tilo's business was not so good, even her regular customer complained about her spices. Actually, what happened was, the spices was jealous and afraid that Tilo will leave them for the mat saleh dude. That's why lah the spices like "cursing" her. Then an old goddess came to remind her that don't get terpengaruh with the American people. She's a mistress lah, a spice mistress. Nak terpengaruh apa? Aiyooo..then Tilo decided to ignore the orang tua and meet the dude for the last them before she burned herself with the spices in her store. Kononnya dah gagal la menjalankan tugas sebagai Spice Mistress. Ingatkan dah mati, tak lagi. The mat saleh dude datang to rescue her. The old goddess tu macam touching sket lah sebab that mat saled dude tu baik orangnya. Finally, their relationship was approved by the spices and they both lived happily and slept on tons of chillis. Awww, so HOT!


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