Saturday, November 3


I was invited to Yonna's new house. Sadly because Osya didn't join us. Her mummy tak kasi . It's been a while la since the day I returned your Adobe CD kan?? Hahaha.

Aiya, since Yonna pindah already from Gombak to Greenwood,we have to go there by car lah. So the person who only can hentam his mom's car is.............ME!

As usual, a lot of pictures taken. Aku sungguh malas untuk upload banyak-banyak, aku upload sikit jelah! Special thanks to Tiara for this wonderful pic :-)

We talked for an hour about everything! About assignments, final exams and even my London trip. Aiya, malam tu kene serang jugak dengan diaorang ni pasal London trip. Rugi sebab tak bawa gambar masa pergi sana. I had fun at her house. We all do. For sure I ate a lot! Well, the spaghetti looks divine!


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