Saturday, November 3

My Cadbury, FOREVER!

When we merely little kids, still full of innocence and wonder, I tied your shoes and made sure your lip wasn't bleeding. "Best friends since standard three", we've always said. We've been to hell and back, with our bleeding hearts and tempered souls. We've watched each other slip helplessly into the realms of addiction, holding mercilessly onto one another's palms, simply praying that it was just some horrid nightmare.

No matter what happened in our lives, we knew we would get through it because we had each other. We were convinced that a good friend was the best medicine, especially a friend that could make you laugh

V : There is no end in friend

Joy : You're right

V : You are the sugar in my tea

Joy : Today I feel like coffee

V : Okay then. I'm the cream in your coffee

Joy : Half-and-half

It has been 2 years since our last meet. He called me a week ago to ask for a meet. So we took a long walk inside and outside KLCC on the 31st of October 2007 *a day after my birthday, no wonder he wanted to meet me. The earlier rain had left the air damp but cool. The sun had come out, and I could hear the birds on the trees. Walking hand-in-hand, we talked for about an hour, pausing every now and then for a quiet "I MISS YOU" and "I MISS YOU TOO". We promised to remain friend and swore that we would still talk, or even text each other. Obviously he was to busy with work, he'll probably will not doing it.

Regardless of what may happen in the future, I learned a serious lesson through V. I learned that love doesn't mean losing oneself. Through thick and thin..


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