Monday, November 19

Once upon a time when I lost myself

Sometimes we lose it. We fall into love like a pillowed net and lie there for months in McDreamyLand. I've been there, in that net. I've been there countless times. It wasn't the first time or the last, but once upon a time I lost myself. I couldn't see past my own two feet, and there was no room in my heart for anyone else. Dreams fall apart sometimes. We wake up and everything is different.

As I emerged from the darkness that morning, I realized that isolation wasn't the answer. I had pushed my family out of my life. I had thrown down the truth, hidden my identity and even dismissed the me once was. I had lost myself. And now, who was I?

I wanted to be in love, but not in exchange for my identity. I wanted to look into the eyes and see myself, not the glow of my own reflection. I didn't want to lose myself, and I feared I already had. And all of that is because of you. You've made me to become like this. You!

Yes, you can enjoy your life without me. It's more safer. Besides, I'm egois, aren't I?


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