Sunday, November 18

Riding the Corkskrew

The trip to Genting was awesome. I never expect it will be so much fun. Met some old friend. JOE, miss you lah dude. Stayed at Apartment Ria, which is cool and cheap. Got 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom ughh and thank god there's a TV too.

Lucky for us Rafee brought his PS2 and Skin brought her UNO cards. Lucky for me I can play both since the boys prefer to play PS2 and UNO for the girls. Muahahahaha. Had maggi for dinner. Yes, a maggi. Don't you think it's kinda creepy?

The bad news is, the weather is unpredictable and the apartment was like 10 miles from the theme park. WTF! I'm having a desease that is so called hiperhidrolysis. Do you think I can survive walking 10 miles on the road under the sun without a sweat since they prefer to walk to the top and not hire the Ulat Teksi instead? Boo you.

Am,Ema,Ika,Bob,Aini and Skin were my roommies. The room is quiet cosy and neat. Luckily no one snored, and even farted! hahahah. Well, I had fun though. I really do. Sorry, no pic. I'm so stupid even I forgot to bring the damn camera for this special occasion. I'm a whore, boo me


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