Tuesday, September 25

Rest in peace, sweet angel - Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

Last thursday, Malaysian received a shocking news. A little girl who was missing for nearly 1 month was found dead - stuffed in a sports bag and left outside a shop lot. The saddest part was, the little girl private's part was stuffed with cucumber and brinjal....... How cruel human can be nowdays ..??

The girl was brutally murdered..The murderer shove her inside the gym bag, broke her backbone and neck to fold her up to fit inside the bag. Her private parts (both vagina and anal) were totally destroyed and torn outside and inside.

I can't image how the murderer can do that to a little girl.... How the murderer stuffed the brinjal and cucumber while Nurin was still alive...!!! Ya Allah, seksanya dier... ssangatt seksa..
Nurin yang tak berdosa....Aper yang dier dah buat, sampai orang sanggup hukum dier macam tuh..??

To Nurin's parents : Be strong....Berat bahu yang memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul. Bila Allah turunkan satu musibah, Allah akan beri seribu rahmat. Your little angle will awaits you in the heaven's door. My deeply condolences to all your family

Al-fatihah. May her soul be cared for in the afterlife, and kept in peace and happiness.

To police : Please and please find and caught the murderer...and hunt him down. Give the murdered the cruelest punishment ever...!!! so that he / she could suffer the pain as what little Nurin felt.


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