Thursday, September 27

London Calling

I was chosen to joined a programme in London, UK to attend an event with our Prime Minister to launch our new Limkokwing University branch here in London. Yes, London yaww. The feeling is beyond words and the experience is priceless!

Since I've been told about 2 days before the departure *hahaha , I was so busy preparing the food, clothes, glove, and my passport. OMG, I just find out that my passport was out-of-date. I was so happy, I forgot that my passport has already expired. WHAT AN IDIOT!

My dad was like, ehehehehe padan muka...and my mom was like, hahahahahahahaha, cancel la nak pergi london. Berangan je lebih..I was so frustated at that moment, then I started to cry. Yes, I cried because I have to cancel my berangan to joined the programme. Suddenly mom started the car, and dad give RM300 to renew my passport. OMG! I love my parents so much. Obviously they want me to go. Mesti ada apa2 nih...jeng jeng jeng.

So here I am, waiting in the departure room with a turmendous feelings ever. Thanx to my parents and Limkokwing University of course.


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