Wednesday, November 14

Scream people, scream

Went to KLCC. Since there's no sale (demmit) I decided to watch a movie. Banyak sangat movie yg cambest. Sara recommend movie 30 Days of Night. Seram katanya. Nak jugak la layan since my recent ghost movie, Kuntilanak 2 tak berapa Ummph sangat.

Crazy I tell you. Lots of people screaming and scared to death after watching that movie. Even I still remembering the vampire's face. The ketua pontianak looks handsome though. Sadly, he died kene tumbuk right on his face. Berkecai! This is the scariest movie I've ever seen. The sound effect is VOLUPTUOUS but the ending is not so good lah. The hero died because he was a vampire too. He's the one who tumbuk the boss. Overall, scale from 1-10, I give 10. Credits to the director.


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