Wednesday, February 6


Went to KLCC for a movie with Jaja,Skin,Eric & Faezah. And the movie was Meet The Spartans. Sweet God, lucah I tell you. We never thought the movie will be like that and basically, we also didn't planned to watch it.

Jaja nak tengok Dunia Baru, tapi tak ditayangkan lagi. Aku nak tengok Cuci, sume reject. Last last, Meet the Spartans. Haha. Overall, it was a funny movie, and dirrrty too. Scale from 1 to 10, I give 7.

Kepada adik-adik, mehh sini abang nak remindkan, jangan tengok. Lagi skali abang ulang, JANGAN TENGOK! Once again I remind you, DON'T! Kalau nak tengok movie, tengok la CJ7, sesuai la sket dgn usia korg..*giggles*


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