Tuesday, December 9


Raya Haji for this year, for me was just unpretentious. It's not like what I've expected. Usually at 8.30 in the morning, the whole family was heading to the mosque for praying. But this year at 8.30 am, I was still sleeping prettily in bed beefing about the unconditional weather . It was raining, HEAVILY. Some of us went to the mosque, and some didn't.

This year I never had the chance to watch "Qorban" at the mosque, and the worst part is I didn't visit the graveyard. It's not like I don't want to. But like I said before, unconditional weather. I felt sorry to the landslide victims that happens at Bukit Antarabangsa few days ago. It was terrible. Every year, every single year, bad things going to happen when Christmas approaching. I wonder why. Not forgetting, I felt sorry to my mother who've lost her precious handphone a day before Raya Haji.

To the thief, she's no longer aloud lounging in my grandmother's house! Imagine my 5 beautiful fingers and the one in the middle suddenly appears..

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