Tuesday, December 23

what would you do?

What would you do if you find out your grandparents, father, mother, brother, sister, nephew, niece, uncle, aunty, cousin, best friend, friend, enemy, teacher, lecturer, housemate, roommate, classmate, maid, postman, personal assistance, dentist, gardener is a ;

- gay
- transsexual
- fornicator
- pilferer
- terrorist
- alcoholic
- gambler
- drug-addicts
- smuggler
- rapist
- thief
- psychopath

What would you just freaking do? Please, I need help! There is no such word as discrimination in my life. At this freaking moment, I just need to be so understanding and helpful. Sometimes strange thoughts pop into my head, as if from somewhere else. Sitting on my bed fingering a tissue, one of those thoughts told me how to get it to these kind of people. I was startled by this, but after thinking about it, I realized something.

I waved it away and prayed to God.

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