Friday, January 9

brand awareness

Punya la syok tengah makan kueyteow goreng basah kat mamak sambil layan teh o ais limau, sekali poket seluar aku vibrate dapat sms dari kawan aku.

"Coca-cola, Huggies, River Island, McDonalds, Clinique, Disney, Donna Karan, Starbucks, GAP, Garnier, Perrier, Kotex, Sanex, Jo Malone, Lancome, Libbys, Tchibo, Loreal, Marks & Spencer, Kleenex, Maybelline, Nestle, Vittel, Revlon, Wonderbra & Tesco Hypermarket

That's a list of brands we have found out donate money to israel army. We need to stop buying from them in order to cripple the israel economy. It may seem like a small thing to do but its a start"

Ok, first of all I would like to thank the person who have sent me the message, Atikah Alias. She is a very good friend of mine. She never stopped sending, though I love those messages and it kinda make me realize about spending my money in particularly. But there is a few things I can avoid & can't avoid purchasing those kind of brands as stated above.

CAN avoid

Coca-cola, Huggies, River Island, Clinique, Disney, Donna Karan, GAP Perrier, Kotex, Sanex, Jo Malone, Lancome, Libbys, Tchibo, Loreal, Kleenex, Maybelline, Vittel, Revlon, Wonderbra.

Like i need these kind of crap. I don't even know what Tchibo is! And Wonderbra? Seriously??

CAN'T avoid

McDonalds, Starbucks, Garnier, Marks & Spencer, Nestle, Tesco Hypermarket.

I buy cookies at Marks & Spencer, I drink Nescafe twice a day, I eat mcflurry atleast 2 times a month, I buy chocolate muffin at Starbucks. Tesco Hypermarket? Ohh come on. You guys know where to get cheap groceries other than Giant Hypermarket. Kan?

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