Saturday, February 21


Assalammualaikum & hello people. I'm back in Gombak, like finally.

First week in college was a disaster. Usually, the registration is always a day after we went back to the hostel, but it was postpone to Friday since few of the students was chosen to join the Biro Tata Negara programme. So monday tuesday wednesday thursday? Ceramah ceramah ceramah. Macam bodoh!

Speaking about Biro Tata Negara; Its a final year for us semester 5 students and we still need to go to BTN for a week? @&^$%

This semester my roomates and I decided not to subscribe the hostel's wi-fi since the price is super expensive and still, the service sucks. Even the car sticker too. Alhamdulillah the registration went well and I've received my result for previous semester.
Later i'll upload few pictures, Insyaallah ;)

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