Thursday, February 26

Cindy ohh cindy

On a one fine day in English Class.

Teacher : Ok, please turn to page 43 and read from paragraph 1 to 6 starting with Lisa.

Lisa : She is known to the world as one of the original supermodels who defined that pivotal moment when fashion models became stars in their own right

Teacher : Good Lisa. Next, Brian.

Brian : She was discovered by a local photographer while a student at DeKalb High School. At age 17, she was a finalist in Elite Model Management’s Look of the Year Competition and still went on to graduate as valedictorian of her class.

Teacher : Sit down Brian. Peter, read the paragraph 3 please.

Peter : She studied chemical engineering as a scholarship student at Northwestern University before the building momentum of her modeling career took her to New York. Since then her all-American face with the iconic beauty mark has graced over 1,000 magazine covers worldwide, including Vogue, Elle, W, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Allure

Teacher : Good. Next, Anna

Anna : Soon after, MTV came calling, asking her to host "House of Style," a new show that merged the worlds of music and fashion. With its coverage of everything from the voyeuristic and fun to the more serious, House of Style became a huge hit. It also gave her, who hosted for six years, a voice and a presence beyond the pages of magazines.

Teacher : Alex, you are next

Alex : She is also busy expanding her hugely successful home collection, which grosses over $250m annually in retail sales and includes linens, rugs and accessories. The furniture collection originated as a partnership with Rooms To Go and is now carried at various retailers across the United States and Canada

Teacher : Thank you Alex. Ok, the last paragraph, Danny

Danny : Looking forward, She plans to further develop her home business as well as to expand her range of categories in the beauty industry. She lives in Malibu with her husband Rande Gerber and their children, Presley and Kaia.

Teacher : Very good children. Ok, now I want you to look at the picture and tell me, who is she??

"....Mihhh.. I know mihh.. I know..."

Teacher : Yes Rokiah. Stand up and tell the whole class who is she?

Rokiah : Cindy "Keropok" mihh..

Teacher : Errr... good Rokiah. Very good. Now you can sit.

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