Tuesday, June 30

Goodbye Awani :(

3 days in Awani was a whole great experience for 2 of my friends and I. We've learned so much things about the news industry. I've personally met Shuhaimi Sulaiman, sharing computer with Dang Suria, jokes with Zaiful Ariffin, stalking on Zulhelmi Zainal Alam and many other anchors in Awani. Well if we had so much fun working under Awani, what's the reason 3 of us quit? Well, basically everything in Awani is all about news and journalism. That's the reason we quit. Like, hello..


That is sooooo not compatible with what 3 of us have learned in university for 2 years. We're broadcasting students. We shoot films, do editing for short dramas, writing scripts for radio. We don't do interviews, writing news. When it comes to news writing & processing = clueless. We don't know what to do, we don't know what we should do.

It's difficult to do something if we personally didn't have interest to do it, even a bit. I hardly force myself to do what I dislike to do when I entered the office every morning. Plus, I have physically and mentally lost my confidence and concentration to work when we have been labeled as 'kuda-kuda baru @ new horses' from an old lady on the first day we joined the organization.

The best part was I've been assigned to cover the news about economy and business just because of the way I dress on the first day. Ever heard about first impression? That's what I'm trying to do, to impress people. Well, obviously it turned out to be a bad thing. So, don't wear any formal attire on the first day of your work. Alhamdulillah, the resigning process has been completed in a short period of time. Even though we have been working under Awani for just 3 days, at least we've learned so many things and at the same time gain more experience working in the industry.

No regret, perhaps

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