Tuesday, March 23

I Ain't Kryptonite

Everybody seems to walk out on me lately. In other words, I was ditched! Again, I don't know what went wrong, and I don't know what are the friggin causes. I don't understand why people can do such things. It's like, I'm a Kryptonite to them. I can weaken those who stands so close to me and I can kill them instantly. It's like, I'm a very dangerous threat to another human being. This is another stupid issue that I can't accept in life. This is another stupid reason why people tend to walk out on me willingly, freely.

For those who stays, still, thank you so very much. I really appreciate for what you have done so far to highlight my life. You dolls are my life. But it's difficult to be me, always. Everything's never enough. Now I need magic. I need patience and perseverance. I need resistance. Where's my pills? I need my pills, happy pills, doink*

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