Tuesday, July 13

We'll Miss You!

I was in UK. Ixy went to Hong Kong. Fadzilah and Hafidz are in UK. Zuan was in Cambodia. Izzul Izzat and Mukhlis are still in Russia. Mael was in India. Who else I didn't mention? Hmm. And now its your time Osya. Its your time to feel the excitement. Its your time to gain new knowledge and experience. It's time for you to feel how uneasy it is to be away from the family. And now you're leaving to Australia. Alhamdulillah.

Finally, after all those offers you have declined, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you have made the right decision to accept and go abroad. People around you should be jealous and envy over you now. Don't ever look down and think you don't deserve this just because of your health condition. You are extremely lucky and you should be happy because the people have approved your SD scholars.

I'm so happy for you. We are all happy for you. I bet even your little monster, Onis is truly happy for his Kak Cha. As long as your place got internet excess, wifi or whatsoever, you should be fine. Hehe. Keep updating us your condition. I pray for your health and success, as always.

We'll miss you for sure!! Take care and be happy! :')

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