Tuesday, August 17

Dance until we die

Now Playing ; Katy Perry - Teenage Dream. Song played for 2,147 times. Credits to my incredible Music Guru, Roy for his hard work finding this amazingly amazing video. Kat Youtube takde vclip ni wei. Tsk tsk :(

I just love this song and it keeps playing on my mind again and again and again. It's a feel-good song, very catchy, and makes you want to jump in the air and reach the sky so high. Somehow in a weird yet meaningful way, this song slowly tells me 'Joy, it's fine to be single. You are 21 and you are young, still. Go have fun exploring the world, be crazy and live your life to the max! You have plenty of people who support you, who will be standing right next to you, through thick and thin.'

And yeah, it's true. I'm happy now. Happy with the way things are working out. But you know, it's never easy being me. Sometimes I'm bored, and not everything has gone the way I wanted. But it's cool, life goes on.

'You make me feel
Like I'm livin a
Teenage dream
The way you turn me on
I can't sleep
Let's run away and
Don't ever look back
Don't ever look back'

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